Breaking new ground and defining resilience

This book offers special operations techniques to master your mindset and overcome adversity.

Designed by Dr Dan Pronk, Ben Pronk and Tim Curtis, all of whom are Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) veterans. It combines learnings from amazing lived experiences with cutting-edge academic and medical research.

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The Resilience Shield exists because life is hard

Rocketing rates of physical and mental health issues across the globe stand as testimony to the fact that greater defences are needed against the pressures of the contemporary world.

Drawing upon hard-won lessons from special operations and beyond, combined with the latest research in the field, this website is your gateway to a potent solution.

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In conjunction with our research partners, we are constantly analysing the latest thinking on the psychological, physical, social and occupational components of resilience.

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This is your gateway to the complete ecosystem of resilience. It enables you to assess your own resilience, then identify techniques, programs and campaigns that will improve your resilience.

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