Quantitative Results

An academically backed, quantitative review on how resilient you are now.

Summary of Personal Goals

Highlighted strengths and areas for further development.

Guidance For Development

Guidance on which layers are particularly important for you to develop.

Academically proven methodology |
Research Articles

In conjunction with our research partners, we are constantly analysing the latest thinking on the psychological, physical, social and occupational components of resilience.

How resilient are you?

Most of us have no idea how resilient we actually are. Only in answering this question can you build solutions that can make you more resilient. Our curiosity on the disciplines of resilience forced our deep analysis into how to build a survey that can most accurately assess your resilience.

Further detail on the development of the TRS-42 Resilience Survey can be found here, and our academic acknowledgements and credits here.

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Breaking new ground and defining resilience

This book offers special operations techniques to master your mindset and overcome adversity.

Designed by Dr Dan Pronk, Ben Pronk and Tim Curtis, all of whom are Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) veterans. It combines learnings from amazing lived experiences with cutting-edge academic and medical research.

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Understand your Resilience

Developing your understanding of the key components of stress and resilience is a critical step towards building your Resilience Shield.

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