Salvatore Lo Bue

Hardiness Scale

Kirk Warren Brown

Mindful Attention Awareness Scale

Greg Zimet

Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support

Carol Dweck

‘Kind of Person’ Implicit Theory Scale

Bruce Smith

Brief Resilience Scale

Julie Lee

11-set Best-Worst Refined Values Scale

Daniel J. Buysse

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index

J. Dennis and J. Vander Wal

Cognitive Flexibility Inventory

Julian Rotter

Internal-External Locus of Control Scale

Michael McCullough et al

Gratitude (GQ-6)

J. Hackman et al

Job Autonomy

P. Spector and S. Jex

Quantitative Workload Inventory

J. Butler and M. Kern

PERMA Workplace Wellbeing Survey

C. Archea et al

Hardship Survey

C. Soto and O. John


E. Diener et al

Flourishing Scale

Rigotti et al


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