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The Resilience Shield proudly offers a range of comprehensive and individually-tailored online courses to guide you on your journey to a stronger, more resilient self. In addition to theoretical learnings about resilience and its six tenets, our courses will provide you with practical tools that you can use to facilitate immediate improvements in your life. Choose from a wide selection of modules based on your current resilience levels, as well as your unique areas for improvement as identified by our free Resilience Survey.




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Our corporate programs enable you to use our methodology to improve the performance of your individuals and teams. This could include our methods, diagnostic tools and / or the resilience survey as part of your decision support criteria. We have seen our clients use these effectively in their recruitment process or even as a part of annual appraisals, with a view to then creating customised resilience action plans for staff members.

Elite Teams

Our high performance and elite teams programs are 100% customisable. We jointly identify the the issues that you are trying to address and then prepare our solutions. This could be a generalist program, or it may be an embedded member of our team to work on mindset, teamwork, or decompression in life outside of your elite team.


Kids are doing it tough. There is greater information and expectation on kids of all ages and the influence of social media is adding to the complexity, creating an environment vastly different to those that previous generations  had to contend with. Our resilience programs are perfect to help children make sense of the world around them, and start to develop lifelong defences against the stressors of contemporary life.

Resilience Retreats

Our Resilience Retreats are fully tailored to your requirements and offer one of the most powerful methods of participating in our programs. Each retreat is designed to deliver a balance of informative content and practical implementation, taking participants outside of their comfort zones, but also offering ample opportunity for reflection and learning.  Perfect for corporate team development, retreat participants leave with lifelong resilience lessons, as well as the opportunity to put these into immediate practice.

DFES experience

The overwhelming feedback from the team was how beneficial your insights were….(your) ability to weave your operational experience into contemporary examples was excellent, as was your ability to read the room and engage the audience.  We look forward to working with you in the future to further develop our Task Force Leaders.

Rescue Manager, Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Military Training experience

As mentioned after the event, the night, the content, and importantly what the staff and students gained could not have been scripted any better! It was absolutely perfect, and I continue to receive positive feedback from my colleagues …The discussions regarding The Resilience Shield certainly hit home, and is something I will personally be considering in my future endeavours as I approach difficult situations.

Executive Officer, RAAF Officers’ Training School

Tertiary Student experience

I’m sure what I learned will help me for the rest of my life, and in ways I couldn’t even guess right now. It was transformational, inspiring, and so much fun. You and your team are incredible, thank you!

MBA Student

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This is your gateway to the complete ecosystem of resilience. It enables you to assess your own resilience, then identify techniques, programs and campaigns that will improve your resilience.

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