Pete Naschak on Resilience Shepherds

May 26, 2021

Resilience expert and former US Navy SEAL Pete Naschak talks to us about Resilience Shepherds - and where you can find them in your organisation.

Pete Naschak is an expert in resilience, elite performance and getting the most out of the people he works with, which has included Red Bull athletes and members of the US Olympic Team in their preparation for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic games.  In addition, Pete is a former US Navy SEAL, with an incredibly distinguished military career, who Ben and Tim first met when he was posted on exchange with the Australian SAS.

In this excerpt from the Unforgiving60 podcast, Pete introduces us to the concept of ‘Resilience Shepherds’ – the people within your organisation who take it upon themselves to look after the flock from a resilience perspective.  He offers tips on identifying them, maximising their impact and even how to become one yourself.


Listen to the entire episode here.

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