The Resilience Retreat

The Resilience Retreat, hosted by the authors of bestselling book The Resilience Shield, will be an interactive and all-inclusive weekend designed to instil lifelong lessons in resilience, leadership and teamwork for all participants.


Applying the evidence-based Resilience Shield methodology, the Resilience Retreat will equip participants with the necessary life skills and tools to thrive in our complex and unforgiving world.


The Resilience Retreat is the premiere destination for organisational leaders, emerging talent and those seeking to learn the secrets from elite pathways in order to optimise performance. Resilience varies by degree and not kind, and the Retreat will cater for all knowledge, skill and fitness levels.

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Thursday 27 October - Sunday 30 October, 2022

Fitzroy Island, North Queensland

Join us for a jam-packed weekend at the idyllic Fitzroy Island off Cairns, North Queensland.

Resilience Mentors, Speakers and Special Guests

Connect with a supportive and like-minded team of motivational speakers, skilled facilitators and resilience mentors on your journey to a stronger, more resilient self.

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